I have experienced Ronen’s tour guiding skills in both a very large group of 50+ and in a more intimate group consisting of my girlfriend and I. In both situations he has been outstanding.

Ronen’s style is very educational. He is not afraid to use visual aids to build and cement the story into the mind. I found his technique very effective and I am very surprised that I still remember a lot of his tour from 2 years ago.

I must also add that he is very intuitive to his customer’s interests. Walking through the Arab Quarter in the Old City he noticed that my girlfriend was intrigued by the colours and smells of the fresh produce in the market. He completely changed his tour from educational experience, to a lifestyle experience as to accommodate this interest and we had a very nice time in the market, eating the various foods and sampling the local’s hospitality.

He is a very warm and friendly person who you are comfortable to include in your party. His skills in explaining and making the story sink in are better than any other guide I have used in the past. And of course he knows his stuff and was competent in answering my questions.

I am confident he will be able to excel with families and groups of secular/spiritual persuasions whether Jew, Muslim or Christian.

Michael Z.

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