Haifa’s modern passenger terminal includes a variety of facilities intended to provide maximum convenience for passengers passing through the port.

The passenger terminal has been expanded to quickly and efficiently process passengers from a number of ships at the same time. The improvements include a comfortable waiting area for persons escorting travelers and a concourse for use by those going aboard with a duty free shop, a souvenir shop, cafeteria, VAT reimbursement counter and currency exchange, Ministry of Interior services, and other travel-related services for passengers and their escorts.

Two kinds of travellers use the port:

Cruise ship passengers on vessels that generally remain in port for 1-2 days with the objective of some limited touring of the country; and liner/ferry passengers, some of whom are traveling with cars.

The passenger terminal is adjacent to a quay which allows the simultaneous docking of 3 ships. A new finger pier was built to accommodate 2 additional passenger ships. A bridge connects the terminal with one of the city’s main traffic corridors and to a railway station located next to the port. Travelers arriving with cars can go straight from the ship into the passenger hall. Following Customs and immigrations procedures, passengers leave the port for the city by way of the overhead bridge. Departing passengers go through the same process in the opposite direction.
Both long and short term parking lots are located adjacent to the terminal, complete with an elevator allowing ease of access to the passenger terminal and concourses from both the parking lots and the train station.

Source: Haifa Port